Aug. 29 2019 12:00 AM

A man who was angry with some landscapers causes a school lockdown.

Some trees fell and some shots were fired, but luckily, no one was hurt. According to a report broadcast on WABC-7 and posted to the station’s website, a man in Roosevelt, a community on New York’s Long Island, allegedly fired three gunshots into the ground. The reason? He was upset with some landscapers over some trees that had fallen across his property line.

Worse, this happened on the grounds of a school, specifically, the football field of Roosevelt High School, where kids were present. Although school was not yet in session, students from various sports teams were practicing on the field at the time, and teachers were inside the building, preparing for the upcoming year.

"Football, soccer, track, all on the field when this occurred," Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder was quoted as saying. "Security immediately moved them into the school, locked them down. There was a lockout done immediately on the premises. They did an outstanding job, between the security and the school, as far as getting the kids inside, initiating the lockdown, and keeping everybody safe."

"Nobody panicked," sophomore Jamice Lattimore said in the story. "Everybody felt protected, but still, it was crazy. Because it was real. Anybody could've gotten hit with that."

After firing the gun, the man fled to a nearby home a short distance away, where he reportedly barricaded himself inside. He later surrendered without incident, according to police.

The unidentified man is in custody. Charges are pending.