Sept. 6 2019 05:44 AM

This two-day course qualifies for 12 ISA CEUs.

Are you someone with basic tree climbing experience who wants to learn more about the skill and safety of expert tree climbing, or does your company need someone with advanced tree climbing skills? Penn State Extension, University, Pennsylvania, is offering an Advanced Tree Climbing School for candidates interested in advancing their skills.

The Advanced Tree Climbing School is a two-day, hands-on training for individuals who have tree climbing experience and a desire to learn more about the skills and safety of advanced tree climbing. The course is scheduled for Sept. 24 and 25, 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. in State College, Pennsylvania. The fee for both days is $325.

Interested candidates can enroll online or by phone at 877.345.0691. The deadline to enroll is Sept. 20.

This course qualifies for 12 International Society of Arboriculture CEUs. Advanced Tree Climbing Stationary Rope Systems candidates are required to have a minimum of 18 months of tree climbing experience, preferably in a work environment, and shall have experience or knowledge of

  • current ANSI Z133 standards for tree climbing.
  • how to perform a thorough gear inspection.
  • how to demonstrate a full tree assessment prior to climbing.
  • how to properly tie a variety of climbing hitches, including Swabian, Distel, Michoacan and VT.
  • SRS anchors, both canopy and basal.
  • how to use various ascending techniques, including foot locking, body thrusting and proper use of mechanical ascending/descending devices.
  • how to safely use their lanyard when advancing and/or reposition their suspension points while aloft.
  • how to comfortably perform a limb walking up to 15 feet from the trunk.
  • the basic concept of redirecting their climbing line in an SRS.
  • the basic principles of aerial rescues.

Candidates must be in good physical health with no predetermined medical conditions that may hinder their ability to perform certain tasks. Candidates are also required to bring all personal protective and climbing equipment. Equipment must meet all ANSI standards and manufacturer’s recommendations. A thorough gear inspection will occur on day one. Any equipment that does not pass a gear inspection by the instructors will not be allowed.