Sept. 13 2019 08:04 AM

Aspire’s business management software combines with Weathermatic’s software for water management.

Aspire, Chesterfield, Missouri, and Weathermatic, Garland, Texas, are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership combining Aspire’s business management software with Weathermatic’s software for water management. The integration of these two technology leaders will create valuable efficiencies for landscaping companies who focus on innovation and growth.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of the landscaping business, companies recognize that they must implement reliable software tools quickly across their portfolios in order to keep a competitive advantage and to manage labor costs more efficiently. The Aspire-Weathermatic partnership brings together a first-of-its-kind integration of mobile business software with expert water management tools.

“This new partnership is a tremendous game changer in the landscaping industry,” says Kevin Kehoe, a founding partner of Aspire. “The integration of Weathermatic’s SmartLink software into our Aspire platform brings one more critical business element literally into the hands of our users. Being able to inspect water zones, manage timer adjustments, and create system reports right from the Aspire login will allow us to drive far more efficiency and business impact. It is a win-win and a perfect solution for our landscaping clients.”

“Water management is becoming a necessity for landscape maintenance contractors who want to grow significantly,” says Mike Mason, president and CEO of Weathermatic. “Since introducing our SmartLink technology we have seen over and over that those landscaping businesses who manage water with expertise are the ones seeing sustainable growth year to year. Bringing smart irrigation management into the business model reduces risk of losing contracts, it positions companies to win and manage larger RFPs, and it empowers them to unlock the full potential of irrigation labor efficiency.”

As an indication of commitment to the partnership, Weathermatic has made available $15 million of capital for Aspire clients who desire to fully transform their portfolios of outdated irrigation controllers and upgrade them to the efficient SmartLink platform connected with Aspire software.

“Weathermatic is the only smart controller manufacturer in the industry financing controller upgrades for landscaping companies,” says Brodie Bruner, executive vice president of Weathermatic. “This makes the integration of the new technology much more affordable and enables companies to realize ROI on the upgrades as early as the first year of implementation. After that, revenues and growth scale up year after year.”

In addition to accessing capital for portfolio conversion, Aspire users can also gain training, marketing and sales support from Weathermatic as they incorporate SmartLink into all contract renewals and new project bids. Weathermatic customers, in turn, gain access to the tools, services, and expertise of the Aspire business network.

The combined business development support from both ends brings landscaping businesses into full integration with the power of the Aspire-Weathermatic partnership and positions these companies to lead the market in growth, technology, and water management.