Sept. 19 2019 01:21 PM

Students learn about equipment use and complete projects around the community.

In Greenwood, Indiana, students are learning that mowing the lawn can be more than just a chore – you can turn it into a very profitable business. Central Nine Career Center, based in Greenwood, is teaching students through its landscape management program about the ins and outs of careers in the green industry, according to an article by RTV6 Indianapolis.

The students work on landscape projects for homes, businesses and even maintain the Central Nine campus. Students learn to use and maintain push and riding mowers, tractors, trimmers and leaf blowers. They also work in a greenhouse where they grow plants, which they turn around and sell.

One of the program’s students, Caleb Peters, personally mows about 50 lawns for his own lawn business and hopes to eventually expand and hire employees. He says that the program has been helpful in teaching him about the landscaping business which he says is easier than trying to figure it out on his own.

Andy Moore, the landscaping management instructor for the program, says he has landscaping companies reaching out to him every week trying to recruit his students. “I think every one of our kids could walk out of here with a job,” says Moore.

The program awards students with certifications and dual credits as well as a membership with Future Farmers of America.