Sept. 24 2019 12:00 AM

The landscape architect group called for greater investment in nature-based climate change solutions.

The American Society of Landscape Architects has announced its support of the goals of the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit being held in New York City. The goal of the Summit is to stop the increase in carbon emissions by 2020 and dramatically reduce emissions to the net-zero level by midcentury.

“As the world's leaders gather in New York, ASLA calls for all governments convened to adopt national policies that incentivize investment in nature-based solutions to help communities adapt to the impacts of the climate crisis, with a greater focus on the disproportionate impacts faced by vulnerable and underserved communities,” ASLA President Shawn T. Kelly, FASLA, said in a statement.

“Members of ASLA agree to a code of environmental ethics, which states they will make ‘every effort within our sphere of influence to enhance, respect and restore the life-sustaining integrity of the landscape for all living things,’” continued Kelly. “This, to me, is the Hippocratic Oath of a landscape architect — one that we live every single day, in every project we take, in everything we do. It is my earnest hope, and the hope of ASLA as an organization, that the leaders gathering in New York will heed the calls of climate strikers, scientists and people around the globe to take bold action and protect our planet from the perils of the climate crisis.”

ASLA is one of 63 cultural institutions that have signed the We Are Still In Declaration. Some 3,800 leaders representing 15 million Americans and $9 trillion of the U.S. economy have signed the declaration, committing to the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement and America’s contribution to it.

Kelly’s extended remarks can be read by going to: