Sept. 27 2019 07:42 AM

Volunteers included landscape professionals participating in SiteOne’s Annual Women in the Green Conference.

Volunteers from Project EverGreen, Cleveland, and SiteOne Landscape Supply, Roswell, Georgia, joined the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department, community residents and a talented group of dedicated landscape professionals on Sept. 21 at Tucson’s Kennedy Park to give the community park a well-deserved sprucing up.

More than 100 volunteers, including lawn and landscape professionals participating in SiteOne’s 23rd Annual Women in the Green Conference, industry suppliers and local residents collaborated to deliver repairs to the park’s turf playing surfaces, playgrounds and infrastructure.

“The goal of the WIGI conference is to help women grow in the green industry, so we were thrilled to partner with Project EverGreen to extend their mission while allowing attendees to learn from one another and better the Tucson community,” says Amber Baker, conference organizer and division marketing manager, west for SiteOne Landscape Supply.

“Neighborhoods deserve a healthy community park and green space that they can call their own,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “Thriving parks create a community hub for neighbors – young and old – to meet and connect in a healthy, cool environment. Healthy green spaces also help instill community pride and confidence and establish a safe environment for a vibrant neighborhood.”

Kennedy Park, one of more than 128 parks across Tucson, is a source of great pride for neighborhood residents. It serves as a connection point for new and old residents as they bond over community green spaces and other neighborhood activities, while promoting the health and environmental benefits that come with green spaces.

The Kennedy Park project covered nearly 5 acres of the spacious 20-acre park. The volunteer work included:

  • Replacement of more than 100 irrigation heads and installation and programing of a new controller to more effectively and efficiently manage the park’s irrigation system.
  • Application of a low-impact fertilizer to promote turf growth and prevent harmful weeds and disease on the park’s turf.
  • Painting park benches so visitors have a pleasant place to sit and relax while connecting with friends and family.
  • Cleaning up desert and landscape debris.

The renovated area of Kennedy Park, which is three parks in one, is considered the most desirable area to visit since it’s away from busier areas of the park. The work done by Project EverGreen, SiteOne and volunteers will hopefully spur the city to further enhance the park through the addition of a new playground and renovated bathrooms.

“On behalf of all of your new friends at Tucson Parks and Recreation, thank you to Project EverGreen's and SiteOne’s awesome volunteers,” says Brent Dennis, director, Tucson Parks and Recreation. “The donation of valuable skills, energetic enthusiasm and transformative improvements helped create a greener, healthier and more beautiful park for our community to enjoy.”