Oct. 1 2019 12:00 AM

The association hopes to empower women in what is still a male-dominated industry.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals, Fairfax, Virginia, has announced the creation of a Women in Landscape Network. This was done in order to establish a community within the landscape and lawn care industry for female professionals and those committed to issues impacting women in the field.

With the creation of the Women in Landscape Network, the NALP has several goals: to connect, empower, and advocate for women in the landscape industry; to recruit and retain female professionals and amplify the voices of women leaders.

“We’re excited about the formation of this new group that was born under the auspices of NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative,” says Jenn Myers, director of workforce development for NALP. “IGI was initially focused on recruiting people to the industry but has expanded its scope to solve issues associated with retaining key contributors.

“As an association, we are proud to be standing alongside other traditionally male-dominated industries and hosting important dialogues to address the challenges faced by women in the industry head on,” added Myers.