An elderly Cleveland landscape contractor is in critical condition after a beating by an unidentified assailant, according to a story reported by News5Cleveland and posted on the station's website.

The attack, the report states, left 74-year-old Larry Manno, the owner of Manno Landscaping, with broken ribs, several head injuries and punctured lungs,

The assault apparently occurred while Manno was working in his office at the business. Employee Susan Sevcik says she found her boss lying on the office floor just as the alleged attacker was trying to get away.

“He wanted to get up and I told him to stay down,” Sevcik is reported to have said to Manno. “He said he was having trouble breathing.”

“I came to the door and I hollered to him (the attacker) and I said, ‘You, what did you do?’ and he just looked at me and took off going east on Buckeye Road,” continued Sevcik, according to the story.

Sevcik —who has worked for Manno for the past 30 years — said she decided to help her friend instead of running after the man. “His pockets were turned inside out, he was bleeding from the head,” she reportedly said.

Manno is being treated at University Hospitals while the police and the people who live in the Buckeye neighborhood try to figure out who could have perpetrated the assault.

Community activist Robert Render was quoted as stating that Manno has stayed in the Buckeye neighborhood for 50 years despite its issues, saying, “He kept his roots here in the community.” He wants justice for his friend.

The story reports that Render went on to address the attacker, saying “I don’t know what your problem is and why you did this, that remains to be seen when the police catch up with you, but you need to turn yourself in.”

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call police. Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest.