Oct. 3 2019 09:53 AM

One man died and his co-workers were injured.

A landscaper was killed and two other workers were hurt while trimming trees along a residential street on San Antonio, Texas' Northwest Side, according to a report aired by FOX San Antonio and posted on its website.

A spokesperson for the San Antonio Police Department said in the story that just before 10:00 a.m., the three tree trimmers, who work for private landscaping company, had been hired to do some work at a home when one of them accidentally cut into a power line. One victim died at the scene; the other two were taken to a hospital with possibly serious injuries.

A later report posted on mysantonio.com revealed further details.

The man who was killed was identified as 38-year-old Mike Zuniga. He perished after the line touched him across the stomach, according to officials. Co-workers Jose Maciel, 56, and Santos Ortiz, 55, suffered injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals.

The second report quotes a spokesperson from the San Antonio Police Department saying that Zuniga and Maciel were in the bucket of a towable articulating man-lift when Zuniga was shocked. Maciel suffered burns to his hands. Ortiz, who tried to lower the bucket to the ground, suffered a mild electric shock.

When SAPD officers arrived at the scene, they could not lower the bucket with Zuniga and Maciel still inside until local utility CPS Energy cut the power, officials say in the story.

The incident caused a power outage in the area, affecting about 1,100 CPS Energy customers. A spokesperson for the utility stated in the second report that the affected power line is secure and power was restored.