Oct. 4 2019 07:56 AM

Services are now offered in Michigan and Minnesota.

SavATree, Bedford Hills, New York, a provider of quality tree, shrub and lawn care, is expanding their holiday lighting services to commercial customers in Troy, Michigan, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, for the 2019 decorating season.

For over twenty years, SavATree’s Colorado branches have served residential and commercial markets by offering customers a holiday lighting experience from custom design and installation, to maintenance, removal and storage.

“As people continue to hire professionals for everything from lawn mowing, to house painting to dry cleaning, we see hanging Christmas lights now falling into that category,” says John Swayze, director of décor services at SavATree.

“Many people think we just hang Christmas lights, but it’s so much more than that,” says Swayze. “There’s a definite artistry to how we install our lights and it makes a dramatic difference you can see immediately. Our staff goes through an intense training program, not only on how to be safe, but also on how to guarantee a memorable experience throughout the holidays.”

Holiday lighting services are available to all customers in Colorado and Illinois, and commercial customers in Minnesota and Michigan.