Oct. 8 2019 12:00 AM

A man who’d shot his ex-wife asked the landscapers to call 911.

It’s an unusual request for a landscape crew to get, and a horrifying one: according to the Associated Press, a man in Cary, North Carolina asked some landscapers working near his home to call 911 because he’d just killed his ex-wife.

The story says that search warrants released by the Cary police department show that 59-year-old Michael Curtis Sauls met the workers and asked them to call the police because he had shot his ex-wife in the backyard of his home.

The police officers who responded found 57-year-old Patsy Wood Sauls critically injured. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died.

Michael Curtis Sauls has been charged with murder and is being held without bond in Wake County Jail.