A 6-foot-tall, 180-pound fiberglass resin Sasquatch statue stolen from Mountaineer Landscaping located in Linville, North Carolina, has finally been found.

According to an article by CNN, the Avery County Sheriff’s Office and other people in the area were searching for the statue for months, and someone just found it in the woods in a remote area more than 30 minutes away.

“We feel since Sasquatch seemed unharmed and released in such a remote area, the thieves either had a change of heart or found that having a Sasquatch was just more difficult than they thought,” a news release from the sheriff’s office said.

Sheriff Kevin Frye says in the article that it didn’t seem like the statue had been in that location for very long, and it was probably recently dropped off there.

For now, Sasquatch is under camera surveillance at the Avery County Sheriff’s Office until it’s returned to its home at Mountaineer Landscaping.

Frye said that the Sasquatch statue wasn’t damaged, and “he seems to be in relatively good health.”