Nov. 13 2019 12:10 AM

The rescued puppy will grow into the cape left behind by Lucky the TurfMutt.

The TurfMutt Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia, has announced that it has appointed a brand new spokesdog. Mulligan, a mixed-breed rescue puppy, will be taking over the TuffMutt job from Lucky who recently passed away at the foundation’s offices after a decade of service as its superhero frontdog and voice.

The TurfMutt Foundation promotes environmental stewardship. Its program has inspired millions of kids, families and teachers to become backyard superheroes by creating and sustaining suburban and urban habitat, parks, sports fields and other green spaces.

Mulligan, who was abandoned along with her siblings, was rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society. She was adopted by TurfMutt Foundation president, Kris Kiser, in Louisville, Kentucky, last month at GIE+Expo after meeting her at Lucky’s Mutt Madness, a national dog adoption event that took place during the show.

The Kentucky Humane Society and GIE+Expo have partnered with the TurfMutt Foundation over the last few years to present the adoption event. Fourteen other dogs also found new parents at this year’s event.

“Adopting a younger dog is a change for me, but I’m thrilled to bring Mulligan home as the new spokesdog for the TurfMutt Foundation,” says Kiser. “She has big paw prints to fill after Lucky’s ten years as TurfMutt, who had an extraordinary run. We still have a lot of work to do in the years to come as we educate students and families about the benefits offered by our green spaces and how to care for them.”

“Mutt Mulligan” will assume her spokesdog duties for the TurfMutt Foundation once her puppy training is complete. “She’ll take on more activity with the TurfMutt Foundation as she matures and grows,” says Kiser. “Right now, I’m focusing on making sure Mulligan is happy and well-socialized so she is comfortable doing things like meeting students who participate in our annual contest or visiting a television studio.”

Mulligan marks a new page in TurfMutt’s history. From its beginnings as a youth education effort launched in 2009 in a handful of Sacramento, California and Washington, D.C. schools, it now reaches 70 million students, teachers and families through its education partners, Weekly Reader, Discovery Education and Scholastic. Its message has remained the same, however: nature starts at your back door and everyone can help save the planet starting with their own back yards.

Animal rescue has always been part of the TurfMutt education equation, which makes Mulligan a perfect fit for the superhero cape left behind by Lucky.

For the last two years in a row, during Lucky’s Mutt Madness, the TurfMutt Foundation and GIE+Expo have donated a $10,000 check to the KHS to support its work in animal rehabilitation, rescue and adoption.