Nov. 22 2019 08:54 AM

Carl Horton chose three veterans who were nominated via social media.

In honor of Veterans Day, Carl Horton, owner of Freedom Lawn Care and Landscaping in Sebring, Florida, gave three veterans a year’s worth of free lawn care as a way to show his gratitude, according to an article by the Highlands News-Sun.

Horton asked on his business’s Facebook page on Nov. 3 for people to nominate a veteran they knew who mows his or her own yard. Horton said the idea was popular, and after many shares, likes and support, the nominations came in.

Three veterans stood out to Horton, and he said he found the idea of choosing one too difficult. He felt they were all deserving and could use the time spent doing yard work with their loved ones. Originally he was going to choose one veteran, but he decided to choose all three. Horton announced the winners on Veterans Day via social media.

Among the winners was Paul Deshazo, of Sebring, who served in the Air Force for six years. After being honorably discharged, he entered law enforcement where he continues to serve and protect. Another winner was Fransisco Olivero, of Sebring, who served in the Marine Corps and is currently a volunteer firefighter, according to Horton. The final winner was Thom Wise, of Avon Park, Florida, who is a Vietnam War veteran and also in the Department of Defense for 35 years and served in the National Guard for 20 years, according to Horton.

For one year, the three men will not have to mow, weed whack or blow grass off their properties. Horton said he will be mowing and taking care of the yards once a week during the rainy season and every other week during the slower growing season.

Many of Horton’s family members have served in the military. “I finally got to a point where I can give back,” Horton said in the article. “I just want to show my appreciation to the veterans. Without them, the world would be a different place.”