Dec. 9 2019 09:12 AM

The central Florida baseball players’ quick thinking saved him.

Paul Pilato stands with his wife and four rescuers.
Photo: WESH 2 News

A central Florida landscaper has four Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University baseball players to thank after they pulled him out of water, according to an article by WESH 2 News.

Cody Forster, Josh Reynolds, Michael Lawson and John Devine were on the sixth hole at a Daytona Beach golf course when they heard a splash and saw a large commercial lawn mower was upside down in the water.

When they realized someone was likely underneath, the group ran over.

In the article, Reynolds says, “I felt his arm, like he came up and grabbed me, like he finally knew someone was there and that’s kind of when I knew this is serious, we got to get it up or he’s going to die.”

Reynolds and Forster jumped into the water, but Reynolds said he couldn’t budge the 1,000-pound lawn mower. “The second try, just by the grace of God, I got it up on to my shoulders, stood it up so he could get his face out,” Reynolds says.

Lawson and Devine helped lift the mower up to where he could get out from underneath the lawn mower. “We all just kind of sat in the water for like two minutes and looked at each other in disbelief,” Devine says.

The man who was stuck was identified as Paul Pilato. His wife said she was nearby during the incident doing other landscaping work. She said that she and her husband have four children and that the students saved their family.