Feb. 3 2020 08:01 AM

The company is currently conducting an investment round to fund the mower.

Photo: Graze

Santa Monica, California-based lawn and landscaping startup Graze has developed a solar-powered, fully-autonomous lawn mower that requires no human interaction, according to an article on teslarati.com.

The battery-operated, fully-autonomous mower was developed by Graze CEO John Vay, who has an extensive background in landscaping, and Chief Technology Officer Roman Flores whose past employers include NASA and the Caltech Curiosity Mars Rover Team.

The company says the need for this solution in the landscaping industry is evidenced by pre-orders placed by two top landscaping companies, LandCare and Mainscape.

The Graze self-driving electric mower gives commercial landscaping companies the ability to maintain more job sites without the need to hire more workers. It has a 53-inch cutting deck and has fully-autonomous operation that allows for no embedded ground wires or beacons to do its job properly.

Graze has secured early investments for the development of its electric and autonomous mower and now opening up investment opportunities to the Tesla community and believers of a sustainable future.

Working with Teslarati, Graze is currently conducting an investment round and looking to secure $10 million in total investments.