Feb. 10 2020 08:48 AM

Brothers Outdoor World purchased the land in April 2019 and broke ground that October.

Brothers Outdoor World, a Jackson, Michigan-based landscaping company, is set to move this summer to a new location, according to an article on mlive.com. The new location will feature a retail center that will include items, such as high-end patio furniture, nursery trees and shrubbery, as well as stones, gravel and mulch.

The lawn care and landscaping company, which launched in 2005, has outgrown its current space, says Owner Brian Beebe. Brothers Outdoor World purchased the land for the new location in April 2019 and broke ground that October.

“I think we’ve always wanted to have all of our divisions together and have all of our employees in one spot,” says Beebe in the article. “We’ve outgrown both of our locations as far as garage space and employee space. We just needed to expand.”

With the new building came an opportunity to open the company’s first retail shop. “We’re still putting together a whole variety of things we are going to sell,” Beebe adds.

Some of the items for sale will include landscaping supplies such as stones, gravels and mulch. There will also be a nursery of trees and shrubbery, high-end furniture for patios and irrigation supplies.

The retail store will provide a stock for materials used in projects, such as flowerbeds or patios, as well as a new revenue stream for the business, Beebe says. He sees the new store as something to benefit both the company and the community.