Feb. 14 2020 11:29 AM

The 32,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system will provide clean drinking water for a school.

A team of Aquascape Foundation volunteers installed a 32,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system at Master Cares Christian School in Kyotera, Uganda, the week of January 6. The Aquascape Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2008 that works to create sustainable solutions for the worldwide water crisis.

The newly installed Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System provides clean drinking water for about 550 school children and 200 staff members year-round and allows students and teachers to focus on education and betterment.

Ed Beaulieu, vice president of field research and contractor development for Aquascape Inc., designed the school’s rainwater harvesting system to collect run-off from two of Master Cares’ buildings. Chuck Catton, tech support supervisor for Aquascape Inc,, led the construction of the project while Aquascape Foundation volunteers installed the rainwater capture system.

Captured rainwater travels through 12 downspout filters and is stored in a sub-surface chamber then passed through a solar-powered pump, UV filter and micron filter into a storage tank. Based on average rainfall, the system can be refilled 2 ½ times a year allowing 80,000 gallons of water to be collected and used every year.

“Master Cares’ students and staff have a limited source of clean water available, so the ability to capture, filter and reuse rainwater will aid the longevity and success of this incredible organization. The school can support an additional 150 students using the captured rainwater,” says Carla Wittstock, president of the Aquascape Foundation. “We’re so appreciative to have a devoted team of volunteers who traveled and strived to make this life-saving project a reality.”

The Aquascape Foundation partnered with the founder of Master Cares’ ministry, Charles Loper, to make the support of this nonprofit school and organization possible.