Feb. 14 2020 11:46 AM

The newly acquired company is based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Landscape Workshop, Birmingham, Alabama, has acquired the landscape maintenance, enhancement and snow operations of EcoLandcare LLC, based in Lexington, Kentucky. Landscape Workshop has nine branch locations across the Southeast.

EcoLandcare was originally founded by John Thomson in 2010. Thomson will continue to operate Thompson Lawn Care as a key turf chemicals subcontractor to Landscape Workshop and will also serve as senior advisor to Landscape Workshop throughout the transition.

“EcoLandcare is a highly respected company that we are eager to bring under the Landscape Workshop banner under the leadership of our Lexington General Manager Sammy Shores,” says J.T. Price, Landscape Workshop CEO.

“Landscape Workshop shares the same passion and commitment that EcoLandcare was built on,” says Thomson. “I have no doubt that they will continue to provide the same quality service our clients are used to receiving. I look forward to working alongside Landscape Workshop.”