Feb. 24 2020 08:12 AM

The Louisville, Kentucky-based company has been involved with GreenCare for Troops for more than two years.

Greenway Landscape Services, Louisville, Kentucky, has been involved in GreenCare for Troops, a program of Cleveland-based Project EverGreen, for more than two years. The company has performed basic turf and landscape maintenance for five military families.

“I feel like we are able to give back something … it may not be a whole bunch, but it is something that we can do,” says Aaron Beams, owner of Greenway Landscape Services. “The grass has to be cut no matter what, and the help we provide shows that we appreciate the sacrifice of military families in this community.”

In 2019, Greenway Office Manager Melissa Harrison-Ballou promoted the GreenCare for Troops program by taking customized literature to local fall and spring festivals that Greenway sponsors.

“The idea was to encourage other lawn care and landscape professionals to volunteer for GreenCare for Troops, and to create awareness among military families of the program’s existence,” adds Beams.

The company also promotes their involvement with GreenCare for Troops prominently on its website.

Beams also brought the program to the attention of the Kentuckiana Landscape Maintenance Association, a local professional group of 30 business owners, to encourage participation.

Both grandparents, along with several uncles and cousins were or are currently serving in the military, so Beams’ service to military families is a natural fit. He’s looking forward to helping more families in the season ahead, he says.