Feb. 28 2020 10:13 AM

The lawn care franchise continues legacy and climb to $200M milestone.

Weed Man, a professional lawn care, weed control and pest management service business inspired by late founder Des Rice and his surviving wife, Brenda, is celebrating 50 years of success in the green industry. Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Lemcke says the lawn care franchise is fixated on the next major milestone, hitting the $200,000,000 mark, thanks in part to a 9.19% system-wide sales jump in 2019.

Once a small Canadian operation that started with a $500 loan and a single pickup truck, the company has grown into a 684-unit operation and North America’s fastest-growing lawn care franchise, it says.

“With the merger last year, we were hard at work unifying the best of our U.S. and Canadian operations,” says Lemcke. “Bringing together our two franchise systems included aligning resources, streamlining communication and ensuring customized business plans remained at the center of our service offering for franchisees.”

Lemcke and team met with Canadian franchisees across the country to introduce them to the tried and true systems and tools used in the U.S. market, helping with implementation and getting to know them on a personal level to grow the sub-franchisor/franchisee relationship. On the U.S. side, sub-franchisors ensured the 548 American territories remained poised for growth and, as a result, ended the year with a revenue total of more than $129 million.

Weed Man’s 2019 Annual Conference brought franchisees from both the U.S. and Canada under one roof for the first time in many years. Additional company initiatives that will continue to advance the company’s success include the recent addition of mosquito control and perimeter pest control, as well as the unveiling of a brand new website.

“We’ve been leading up to this moment as an organization. From the start, Weed Man has been about making a difference on the lawns and in the lives of our customers,” says Lemcke. “We’re not just in the lawn care business, we’re also in the leaving-a-legacy business. Every franchisee is committed to doing good by their customers and in their communities, and the results are longevity and a prosperous future.”