March 13 2020 06:08 AM

The automatic irrigation control platform uses AI and predictive analytics to manage water use.

Jain Irrigation Inc., Fresno, California, announced the general availability release of Jain Unity, an automatic irrigation control system and environmental data services platform. The system is the first smart irrigation solution for landscape management fully powered by artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, according to Jain.

Unity gives users, including contractors, water managers, and home and building owners, direct access to view how much water the plants in their landscape require, along with real-time visibility to the efficiency of their irrigation system for eliminating water waste. It also connects over secure cellular wireless to all models of existing ETwater smart controllers and other units in the field.

It decides when and how much an irrigation system needs to operate, allowing for as much available rainfall or precipitation as possible before initiating a watering schedule, saving users water, says Jain.

“Jain Unity processes over a billion pieces of information hourly on how soil moisture responds to rain or irrigation events based on the different plant factors, soil types, weather and environmental conditions at the site-specific location,” says Richard Restuccia, vice president of water management solutions at Jain. “Connecting to irrigation control that automatically acts upon this algorithm to implement the best strategies for minimizing water usage and managing nutrient loss fulfills the promise of AI and predictive analysis.”

A user’s ability to see and understand their water usage outdoors engages them directly in its conservation, reinforcing behaviors that can add up to substantial cost savings for them while contributing to greater water resource savings in communities, Restuccia says.

“Jain Unity builds upon the patented core ETwater technology we acquired in 2018 to now offer a wealth of environmental services along with the renown, centralized smart irrigation control,” says Jain Irrigation President Aric Olson.