March 13 2020 12:40 PM

Under this new model, subscribers will pay a fixed fee starting at $250 per month.

Robin Autopilot, Dallas, is shifting its focus from a franchise-based operating model to a subscription-based model it calls Robotics as a Service.

The new business model will give landscapers and other lawn service providers full access to all of Robin’s offerings, providing them the opportunity to scale up faster in the rapidly growing robotic mower market without having to make a large initial investment.

“As I’ve traveled the country talking to people who are interested in launching a robotic mowing business, they continually provide feedback that our offerings are invaluable for this market, but acquiring them under a franchising model is difficult and overly complex for an existing business,” says Logan Fahey, CEO of Robin Autopilot. “With the Robotics as a Service model, we can now put robotic technology into the hands of more lawn care service providers, operating under their own businesses and brands, to bring robotics to a growing segment of the marketplace.”

Under this new model, subscribers will pay a fixed fee starting at $250 per month. The subscription will provide access to:

  • Aviator software, which was custom-built for RaaS and includes managing customers, robots, payments, financing and more.
  • Equipment financing from Robin’s sister company, Coralview Finance.
  • Robin’s patented robotic door for navigating robots through fences.
  • A marketing playbook for marketing the business and converting customers.
  • Digital and print assets across all platforms, including a white-label website with custom quoting functionality.
  • Robin’s proprietary operating manual and custom training and support programs.
  • Wholesale pricing on robotic mowers from multiple manufacturers.
  • Installation materials, parts and accessories from all major manufacturers in the robotic mowing market.

“We believe our new model will revolutionize the market by giving the tools, financing and know-how to any business that wants to launch robotic mowers as a service,” Fahey says. “Everything we’ve offered under the franchise model will be available to a subscriber under the new model. The difference will be the ability to offer robotic services under the subscriber’s own brand, with the backing of ‘powered by Robin Autopilot,’ along with lower upfront costs.”