May 4 2020 09:37 AM

Map-based platform will enable contactless service for tree care companies.

PlanIT Geo, Arvada, Colorado, is waiving all subscription fees for its newest map-based estimating software, TreePlotter Jobs, making it free for all users until Nov. 1, 2020, effective immediately. The cloud-based platform enables tree care companies to create digital estimates of any work they propose to a customer and send an interactive map via email for their approval. PlanIT Geo aims to help tree care businesses perform estimating and invoicing while adhering to social distancing protocols as economies gradually reopen.

Customers of tree care companies using TreePlotter Jobs can explore an itemized list, map and photos of any recommended work and pricing on any device, from the comfort of their own home. They can approve estimates in full, or piece-by-piece. Once approved, work orders can be scheduled on a calendar, assigned to a crew foreman, tracked, recorded and invoiced through a paperless process, eliminating unnecessary contact. TreePlotter Jobs also will integrate with QuickBooks Online for accounting and payment collection after an update in May 2020.

“We developed TreePlotter Jobs because business owners complained the industry lacked map-based estimating technology that’s user friendly,” says Ian Hanou, CEO of PlanIT Geo. “It’s likely that nobody had developed such a solution yet because that’s not a straightforward task, especially for arboriculture.”

When PlanIT Geo released the software’s beta version in January this year, “we certainly did not anticipate how quickly the platform would become even more relevant alongside social distancing requirements,” Hanou says. “We know TreePlotter Jobs can help a lot of businesses out there right now, and hopefully they can help us out with their suggestions too.”

The company plans to use feedback from additional users to prioritize key new features to incorporate into the software through updates over the course of the coming year. According to Hanou, this practice has led to the popularity of the other platforms in PlanIT Geo’s TreePlotter Software Suite. The newly-released Jobs platform is the latest addition to the suite, which includes three other solutions designed for arboriculture, urban forestry, and park management.

Tree care companies, business owners and individuals may sign up for a free TreePlotter Jobs subscription on the company’s website. Subscriptions are available immediately and will be valid until Nov. 1st, 2020.