Arborjet Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts, announced that Shortstop 2SC plant growth regulator for use on both trees and shrubs has received EPA approval. The product may now be used with multiple applications: as a soil drench application for trees, for shrubs and as a foliar spray for shrubs.

“Shortstop 2SC may now be used in multiple ways. When it’s applied, not only does it regulate plant growth, but it also produces thicker, waxier leaves, increased fibrous roots, and healthier looking plants,” says Joe Doccola, Arborjet director of research and development. “With these secondary effects, we are observing trees with less leaf scorch due to drought, less damage after construction and an increase in disease suppression.”

The addition of the shrub label will provide benefits for end users such as 25-75% above ground growth regulation and increased drought resistance and disease suppression.

“This is the perfect product to use this time of year to improve overall plant vigor and canopy density. Shortstop 2SC contains a far greater percentage of active ingredient than other shrub treatments and is very cost competitive,” says Russ Davis, Arborjet president and CEO.