May 18 2020 10:10 AM

Jared Savage starts lawn care venture while awaiting pro opportunity.

Jared Savage, former basketball player for Western Kentucky University, is like many waiting to return to work during the coronavirus pandemic. According to an article by the Bowling Green Daily News, his plans at a Conference USA tournament championship were cut short in March, and he was stuck waiting around at home to start working out for a professional basketball opportunity.

A week became two, then turned into a month. With parks closed for fishing and gym facilities closed, Savage says he sat in the house long enough and wanted to get out and do something. Being outdoors and cutting yards is something he’s done since he was little, so he decided he might as well make some money doing it.

The 6-foot-5 Savage put the word out on Facebook for “Chopped Lawn Service by Jared Savage.”

In a matter of one request, Savage’s summer business went from mowing and weed trimming to practically doing any outside home or lawn care job, with the exception of jobs that require climbing on a two-story house. He says he’s not risking injury because he may be off to start his professional basketball career as soon as the world resumes normal business.

This current stretch is the longest break Savage says he’s had from basketball since middle school. Savage wants the work, but he’s also ready to leave as soon as basketball calls. He says he feels thankful to have the talent to go play somewhere else since there are some college seniors in the country whose careers were cut short and now they won’t have the opportunity to play again.