June 19 2020 08:10 AM

The report showed gender and generational differences in lawn care.

Photo: Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet, Valley City, Ohio, an outdoor power equipment designer and manufacturer, is debuting the Cub Cadet Lawnual Report, a national survey of American lawn care habits that assembled more than 24 million data points to show regional and national behaviors and trends.

The Cub Cadet Lawnual Report found that Americans still love their lawns. Nearly half (48%) of people say they like mowing their lawn. Millennials love mowing their lawn more than any other generation, with 51.7% taking great pride in lawncare and 74.6% keeping their lawns at the optimal length.

“Cub Cadet is unapologetic in our love for all things lawn-related, so we wanted to find out how people truly feel about their lawns,” says Siana Calanni, brand manager, Cub Cadet. “And our curiosity got the better of us: who’s more likely to listen to hip hop when they mow, women or men? And what’s the post-mow beverage of choice for millennials? The data we uncovered gave us a peek at the mowers behind the mowers.”

The Lawnual Report brought to light gender differences in lawncare habits, as well as generational differences.

“Research and data about our customers informs everything we do, beginning with product design,” says Calanni. “It allows us to build the best experience for consumers. The Lawnual puts a fun spin on understanding these mowing habits.”