June 28 2020 07:00 AM

The short video promotes wearing a face covering and social distancing to reduce viral spread.

National Association of Manufacturers

The National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, D.C., an advocacy group representing manufacturing companies, released a new ad aimed at promoting COVID-19 safety practices to improve the economy and protect jobs.

The minute-long ad, which can be found in NAM’s Twitter feed, shows that the number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus is greater than a sold-out stadium. It encourages the use of a face covering in public spaces to protect employees and jobs.

“The virus is spreading in a significant way, and if it continues, that will lead to economic devastation the likes of which we have never seen before,” says Jay Timmons, NAM president and CEO. “If everyone wears a mask outside the home, maintains social distancing with anyone other than the family unit and practices appropriate hygiene procedures, we will get the tens of millions of unemployed Americans back to work. If large groups of people refuse to wear masks, they are condemning their fellow citizens to long-term unemployment and our economy to disaster.”