Aug. 17 2020 09:20 AM

The company has added excavating, bush hogging, forestry mulching and land clearing.

Parilov / Adobe Stock

Professional tree service company Steadfast Tree Care, Ruther Glen, Virginia, added a range of new service offerings for property owners spread across the state.

The new grading and excavating services are designed for those looking to do away with roots, debris and other material before starting a construction or property development project. Steadfast Tree Care has also introduced forestry mulching and land clearing services for residential and commercial property owners looking to re-purpose a section of their property. The forestry mulching services can also be used to carve roads, tracks, and trails for pipelines and utility lines.

The tree service company has also unveiled bush hogging and brush removal services. The services target clients who want to remove brush, bushes, saplings and mature ground coverings on their property.

“Over the years that Steadfast Tree Care has been in business, we have built a reputation for providing quality tree service that exceed our customers’ expectations. We will strive to live up to this reputation for land clearing and excavating as well,” says Phillip Wood, owner of Steadfast Tree Care.