Aug. 17 2020 09:33 AM

The “Field of Dreams” game scheduled for Aug. 13 was canceled.

Photo: BrightView

Major League Baseball’s long-awaited “Field of Dreams” game between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees was scheduled for Aug. 13, but the league canceled it, according to an article by KYW Newsradio.

The game was going to take place on a Dyersville farm in Iowa, a couple hundred feet away from where the “Field of Dreams” movie was filmed in the 1980s, and it was going to be the first ever MLB game played in Iowa.

BrightView Holdings Inc., Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, had a major role in setting up the ballpark.

“We had to clear the corn, do a lot of grating and subground work, put in a well and put in irrigation, and of course, we built the field,” says Murray Cook, president of BrightView’s sports turf division.

BrightView was responsible for the bullpens, fences and foul poles in addition to the field. Cook spent the better part of the last year in Iowa along with his crew working on all this.

“Walking onto the field in the middle of this cornfield with corn that’s 9 feet high above the fence and you’re circled by 170 acres of this corn, it just gave you goosebumps, every time you walked out there. It’s sad we’re not playing this year,” Cook says in the article.

The league hasn’t announced a new date yet for the “Field of Dreams” game, or even if there will be one.

Cooks says that the BrightView crew will continue to manage the field in the fall and maintain it to a level it needs to stay until a date is determined. Much of this version of the “Field of Dreams” is temporary and will be taken down, but Cook says everything BrightView has been responsible for will remain.

Around 8,000 baseball fans were expected to attend this game.