Aug. 24 2020 09:00 AM

Torcicollo will set up an internal climbing school, recruit new members and instruct staff on critical procedures.

Bedford Hills, New York-based SavATree promoted Ryan Torcicollo, ISA Certified Arborist and former owner of Wasatch Arborists, to general tree care talent developer.

Torcicollo joined SavATree in January of 2020 when SavATree purchased his company Wasatch Arborists of Park City, Utah. Torcicollo gained extensive experience with multiple tree care companies before taking ownership of Wasatch Arborists in 2015. He is qualified in tree risk assessment, electrical hazards awareness, and earned the title of tree worker climber specialist. Torcicollo was also awarded Arborist of the Year in 2019 by the Utah Community Forest Council.

Torcicollo, professional tree climber and industrial athlete, has earned many tree climbing championship titles including the Utah Tree Climbing championship three years in a row. In 2017, he placed 4th in the North American Tree Climbing Competition and became the 2nd place winner at the 2018 Jambo Tree Climbing Competition, an annual event where arborists participate in various challenges.

With more than 43 branch operations, SavATree has been expanding through acquisitions into new markets which has brought higher demand for tree care. Torcicollo plans to meet this demand by setting up an internal climbing school, recruiting new members and instructing staff on critical procedures. As safety is a pillar of SavATree’s business model, his focus will be to promote the safe and appropriate practice of tree care by training staff with valuable safety and climbing techniques.

“Ryan is an exceptional technical climber and experienced arborist,” says SavATree Executive Chairman Daniel van Starrenburg. “We are thrilled to promote him to GTC talent developer. His talent and skillset are difficult to find, so we’re fortunate to have full access to his expertise in order to train our staff on vital safety procedures.”

“This promotion gives me the opportunity to recruit new climbers and train our team the best way I know how,” says Torcicollo. “I plan to uphold SavATree’s commitment to safety and become the model of industry standards.”