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In Lawton, Oklahoma, a set of brothers are doing lawn care to help support a family member battling cancer.

According to an article on kswo.com, their brother Ty was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, which was discovered at stage 3.

Elijah Harwell, with R.E.B Lawn Care, says Ty is now going through chemo for his bone marrow transplant, and their brother, Billy, is the bone marrow donor.

The procedure is intensive and can typically be very painful, but Billy says the pain played no factor in his decision and that he loves to help him, according to the article.

Some of the yard work profit goes toward the hospital where Ty and their mom spend all of their time.

Rickie Harwell, with R.E.B Lawn Care, says they also wanted to help Ty’s mother pay the bills.

While school is starting back up, Rickie says the lawn season is still here, and they plan to continue making some money to help support their family. The teens say it’s been hard on them but having each other makes the responsibility worth it.