Sept. 4 2020 08:47 AM

Two strangers saw his story on the news and felt compelled to help.

BrianAJackson / iStock

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a story starting out with theft ended with a positive outcome after a kind act of generosity from strangers.

Daniel Jones works a full-time job, and to supplement his income to further support his family, before and after work, he maintains a lawn care business called Tulsa Urban Lawns, according to an article by news station 2 Works For You.

On Aug. 31, Jones and his wife discovered that his truck and trailer filled with lawn care equipment and mowers were stolen from their driveway. The truck was eventually recovered, but none of the equipment has been found.

When 2 Works For You reported his story during its evening newscast, Eric Waller saw it and wanted to help.

He reached out to Bixby Outdoor Power Equipment and met owner David Brewer. When Waller showed Brewer watched the video, Brewer said it “hit his heart.”

The men organized a big donation, made some calls around the city, and after a few trades, they were able to present Jones with a trailer, filled with equipment and a few mowers.

Jones says he was ecstatic, as he thanked the men.

“It’s just a blessing to help folks, it really is,” says Brewer in the story. “Everything just came together, just as it should.”