Sept. 14 2020 08:29 AM

WILN was created last year to connect, empower and advocate for women in the landscape industry.

Bayer is now the title sponsor of the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Women in Landscape Network.

“We are thrilled to have Bayer as the title sponsor of the NALP Women in the Landscape Network,” says Jennifer Myers, senior director of workforce development. “Our focus on attracting, retaining and supporting women through networking, events, social media, education and more, aligns closely with Bayer’s commitment to champion women in the landscape and lawn care industry.”

WILN was created last year to connect, empower and advocate for women in the landscape industry. NALP is committed to amplifying the voices of women leaders and driving the change necessary to recruit and retain female professionals.

“We are exceptionally honored to sponsor the Women in Landscape Network,” says John Wendorf, customer marketing manager for the Bayer lawn and ornamentals business segments. “Bayer is very passionate about diversity and inclusion and supports a variety of initiatives that work to advance D&I in the industries we support.”

Some of the current ways to get involved include joining the WILN Facebook group, signing up for the WILN news and events and participating in the virtual networking series.

The WILN Facebook group currently has close to 500 members.

“It’s really become a place for women to connect, to share stories or get support or ask for expert advice,” Myers says. “I think it’s unique in that the vast majority of people in this group are women. Men are welcome but the vast majority are women.”

Myers says feedback from members of the Facebook group has been positive.

“They feel like they can be open and honest and post and they’re going to have some helpful responses from the group,” she says.

Women in the industry are also promoted on the site, which is some people’s first exposure to the industry.

“Women are just over 10 percent of our industry and I think it’s helpful when you’re a minority in an industry to have a way to connect with others that are in that same group,” Myers says. “Oftentimes, a woman might be the only woman, or one of only a couple women at an organization, and they may not have others that they can turn to, to discuss things that are specific to women, or impacted by or influenced by being a woman. So, this group provides that opportunity for them to connect and engage.”