Sept. 14 2020 08:51 AM

The system allows mowers to move through fences securely and with ease.

Irving, Texas-based Robin Robotic Doors, an innovator in technology for the robotic mowing market, introduced a new guidance system that enables robotic mowers to maneuver through smaller gates and tighter spaces. Patent number 10,767,383, Ground Wire Guidance System for Robotic Vehicle with Doorway Access, was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Sept. 8, 2020, to Robin Autopilot Legacy IP LLC, doing business as Robin Robotic Doors. The guidance system works in conjunction with the company’s previously patented robotic lawn mower door, which allows mowers to move through fences securely and with ease.

The new technology consists of a perimeter switching system that enables robotic mowers to move through smaller doors than previously possible. Working with the Robin automated lawn mower door, the new switching system allows the mower to move through smaller openings in fences that separate backyards from front yards, for example, and then return to its charging base in the backyard. The lawn mower door senses the robot, unlocks, and then relocks itself after the robot has passed through to keep the backyard along with pets and children secure. The new guidance system also can assist the robotic mower in its navigation through tight spaces within the landscape.

The guidance system and door are available to all Robin Autopilot members. In addition, Robin Robotic Doors is selling its auto-locking robot doors with the new guidance system to other robotic mower manufacturers, retailers and service companies that want to purchase doors in volume.

“Our goal is to be the leading innovator in the rapidly growing robotic mowing industry,” says Logan Fahey, board member of Robin Robotic Doors and CEO of Robin Autopilot Holdings LLC, the majority owner of Robin Robotic Doors. “We are excited to announce this latest enhancement to our automated door system, which expands the area that a single robotic mower can cover. Our development team continues to work on new technology that will further enhance our products and systems, and we expect to announce additional patents in the near future. This is truly an exciting time for the robotic mowing industry.”