Sept. 21 2020 08:54 AM

Move will expand national partnerships to obtain contracts beyond Central Florida Arborcare’s reach.

National Storm Recovery LLC, a subsidiary of Sustainable Green Team Ltd., Orlando, Florida, a provider of environmentally beneficial solutions for tree and storm waste disposal, formed a strategic alliance with Tree Leads Today to expand national partnerships and obtain contracts beyond the reach of SGTM’s wholly owned subsidiary Central Florida Arborcare.

This strategic alliance was formed when NSR deployed its team to assess damages from Hurricane Laura, and it was TLT that assisted in the partnership with ArborPro of Mississippi, Inc. on the recovery contract in the city of Sulphur, Louisiana.

TLT is a nationwide, privately held company in the tree care marketing sector. This year, both sales and profits have increased over 100%. TLT delivers leads that are 100% exclusive; leads aren’t shared with any other tree companies in the zip codes that have been specially reserved for TLT’s partners.

Another unique aspect of TLT’s approach is that tree companies receive calls directly from their leads, making the process immediate and transparent. Instead of long-term contracts, TLT works on a month-to-month basis, maintaining an at-will partnership with its clients. Focus is kept on marketing larger tree care projects and services to maximize tree companies’ ROIs. The process of generating leads is done strategically so that leads are as close to one another as possible in order to maximize productivity for TLT’s tree care partners when they are giving estimates and completing contracted jobs.

“We are honored to be partnering with such an innovative and environmentally conscious organization as Sustainable Green Team,” says Don Dowd, founder and CEO of Tree Leads Today. “Tree Leads Today believes in a pay-for-performance model. We believe in our offerings so much that we take all of the risks and only expect you to pay if we deliver.”

“This strategic alliance will amplify our national partnerships and, most importantly, increase recovery contracts far beyond our reach through our Central Florida Arbor Care subsidiary,” says SGTM’s CEO and Director Tony Raynor. “Our new strategic alliance with Tree Leads Today removes all of our limits, opening many new opportunities for our brand, team and shareholders.”