Nov. 9 2020 08:21 AM

Customer Portal features launched in early 2020 have been updated.

Markham, Ontario-based LMN, a provider of business management software for landscape companies, announced its 20.11 product updates that include feature enhancements to make running a landscape or lawn care business easier from start to finish.

“We took this opportunity to listen to what our customers were saying,” Mike Lysecki, LMN chief technology officer, says on the 20.11 release. “We are constantly working on evolving the software to better meet the needs of our customers, so this was an opportunity to address some of the issues or missing pieces business owners told us they needed. We think LMN users will appreciate the efficiency these updates will provide when it comes to scaling their businesses.”

LMN launched the Customer Portal in early 2020 to help landscape business owners manage their customer experience in one place. With the 20.11 release, some of the Customer Portal features have been updated based on customer feedback. These include features such as proposal e-signatures and approvals, customer work requests, two-way communication between contractors and customers and portal activity notifications.

In addition, a new and extensive list of Industry Standard Templates has been added, allowing users to import to their catalog and adjust items accordingly to suit their cost and prices, expediting the implementation and adoption of estimating for contractors.