Nov. 11 2020 06:00 AM

Awards recognize industry leadership in social responsibility.

Hunter Industries, San Marcos, California, announced the recipients of the Ann Hunter-Welborn Circle of Excellence Award, which recognizes outstanding individuals, companies and organizations for promoting sustainable practices within the industry.

Doug Bennett, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Bennett is a fierce advocate for water conservation. He was instrumental in organizing the Irrigation Association’s Smart Water Application Technologies initiative. SWAT brings together irrigation equipment manufacturers, water agency representatives, irrigation contractors, and distribution channel professionals to promote creative approaches to water-use efficiency. Bennett and his staff from the Southern Nevada Water Authority are also the creators of the WaterSmart Innovations Conference, which began in 2007 and is the largest urban water efficiency conference of its kind in the world.

Jack Zunino, JW Zunino Landscape Architecture

Zunino is a fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects, an icon in the landscape design community and a longtime educator at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. He promoted sustainability and water conservation well before they became commonly accepted best practices. The design concepts and methods pioneered by Zunino’s firm have saved millions of gallons of water over many years of service to the environment and our planet.

Terra Prima

Innovative landscape design firm Terra Prima borrows its name from an Italian phrase that translates to “Earth first,” which informs their approach in everything they do. Based in Orange County, California, the company believes that every client has a unique and specific set of needs. In turn, every project that Terra Prima undertakes requires a one-of-a-kind solution. From the construction phase to project completion, Terra Prima employs a range of measures to ensure impressive results, including using the latest building techniques, purchasing only the highest-quality materials, and leveraging the most advanced technologies on the market.