Jan. 11 2021 07:10 AM

Weed Man USA’s robotic mowing brand, TurfBot, will now offer robotic mowing as a service “powered by Robin.”

Dallas-based Robin Autopilot USA, a robotic mowing technology company, partnered with a brand under the Weed Man USA ownership umbrella, TurfBot Mowing.

Under the new partnership, TurfBot franchises will offer robotic mowing services powered by Robin's technology. TurfBot franchises will have access to all of the tools and resources available through the Robin platform, including patented products, proprietary software, e-learning and training services and marketing collateral.

Weed Man expanded into the robotic mowing business when it launched TurfBot in 2018 to test the concept, recognizing the benefits of offering battery-powered and emissions-free robotic mowing services to customers. TurfBot currently operates in three locations and plans for expansion in 2022.

“We are proud to partner with Weed Man, which has a long and outstanding history as a pioneer and leader in the North American market for lawn care services,” says Logan Fahey, CEO of Robin Autopilot. “We are creating a strong new force in the lawn and landscaping market that will help both of our companies continue our growth as we provide more customers with the opportunity to adopt robotic mowing technology.”

“Robin Autopilot was the obvious choice for us in our search for a partner with cutting-edge technology and expertise that would help us grow in the exciting robotic mowing industry,” says Jennifer Lemcke, CEO of Weed Man. “We believe robotic mowing has a bright future, and we look forward to working with Robin to continue the transformation of the lawn care industry through the wide-ranging environmental and economic benefits of this new technology.”