Feb. 1 2021 07:38 AM

Paul McInerny was formerly the director of avionics flight software at SpaceX.

San Diego-based Lawn Love hired Paul McInerny as its new vice president of engineering. McInerny was formerly the director of avionics flight software at SpaceX, where his team wrote the software for the first private spacecraft to orbit the Earth and return safely.

He joins Lawn Love, a marketplace for on-demand lawn care services operating in more than 120 cities. Lawn Love matches homeowners with qualified lawn care professionals, with the entire service from quoting to payment managed on the platform. It aims to modernize the lawn care experience for both customers and small lawn care operators across the U.S.

“As marketplaces become more centralized and corporate behemoths take over more industries, it’s important that we maintain a healthy ecosystem of owner-operated businesses,” says McInerny. “I love that Lawn Love is all about the little guy.”

Lawn Love leadership says it is thrilled with what the new hire brings to the company. “Paul has deep experience building software and leading engineering teams in high-stakes environments,” says Founder and CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi. “He’s going to be a key player in solving the many complex challenges we face as we continue to build out the Lawn Love platform.”

The hire comes at a time when Lawn Love continues to push for efficiency and growth. “We’re scaling up our engineering team, and Paul will be leading this charge,” says Yamaguchi. “We’re investing in stability across our platform while working hard to deliver new features and functionality that our lawn care providers and customers love. 2021 is going to be a big year for us.”

Lawn Love was founded in 2014 and was launched through the Y-Combinator startup accelerator. The company has raised funding from investors like Joe Montana, Barbara Corcoran and others. There are currently thousands of independent contractors providing lawn care and snow removal services on the platform.

The company has more than 80 employees working across the U.S. and abroad. Services offered include lawn maintenance, aeration, weeding, gutter cleaning, leaf removal and snow removal.