As we start to get further into the new year, it’s time to really look at some of the major projects planned for the upcoming months. For landscape and irrigation professionals, these few months are often deep dives into repairs, technical education and business planning. It can mean a lot of time spent going over the books and finding where things could’ve run more smoothly, or where there was money left on the table.

Looking for ways to improve efficiency and boost profits is important, but I’d encourage you not to stop there this year. It’s just as important to take the time to look at everything that went right and mark those successes and the hard work that went into them. As an industry, you’ve endured one of the tougher years in recent memory, and that on its own is worth celebrating. Whether you struggled to get through payroll or you fought to keep up with demand, 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year. Take a moment to think about what it took to get through and the team you’re working with that’s supported you throughout.

Part of the reason I bring up celebration of past successes is to introduce a new project for our magazine that I’m excited to talk about. This year, we’re debuting the Changing the Landscape Awards, a set of awards that recognize the amazing work done by landscape and irrigation professionals across the country in four categories: Landscape Design, Water Features, Irrigation and Lighting.

We’re looking for the best work you’ve done that’s been completed in the past year, regardless of when the project began. Did you put together an amazing irrigation layout that saves the client water? How about the landscape design you completed that’s bound to pull more work your way when the neighbors see it? We want to recognize your achievements in our pages.

Send us the details of your project at, including some notes about how the project came together and an image or two. Our panel of judges will go through the submissions, and the best jobs completed in the past year will be featured as in-depth feature articles in upcoming editions of Irrigation & Green Industry.

Take a look back at the projects where you tackled huge obstacles or got amazing results, and show off your team’s work on our stage. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the successes of the past year.