Feb. 8 2021 07:26 AM

The company specializes in treating Bermuda and Zoysia grass.

Mister Bermuda is launching a green industry lawn care company in the Austin, Texas, area. Mister Bermuda treats Bermuda and zoysia grass only, providing lawn care and fungus and insect control.

“Being hyper-focused allows us to build incredible systems for this type of grass,” says company Co-founder Ete AhPing. “It allows us to offer an amazing lawn care plan with excellent results. Our goal is to give the best customer experience in our industry. The customer relationship is everything to us.”

Mister Bermuda emphasizes the use of organic fertilizers along with organic soil conditioners in almost every situation. Their shrub program tries to use organic fertilizers whenever possible, too. For weed control in beds, they prefer to use an organic alternative. For lawns they practice controls including spot treatments, smart products that don’t run off and well-trained technicians.

“This company is about service and creating a great experience for the customer, not just making money,” says AhPing. “We have already founded other successful companies and do not need to rely solely on this one for income. That gives us the freedom to create the company we’ve always wanted. We can put time, all the knowledge we’ve accumulated, and care into what we are building. We can use the best products. We can really do things the right way.”

Co-founders Ete AhPing and John Walters are both lawn care veterans. Walters has built and sold many lawn care, tree and pest control companies across the United States. AhPing has worked from small start-ups to one of the largest companies on the East Coast. He has also owned and built many companies and currently owns a lawn care company in Utah with four locations. Mister Bermuda is the culmination of a partnership with over 55 years of experience in the industry. The pair plans to open four Mister Bermuda locations over the next five years.