Feb. 15 2021 06:00 AM

The company now services over 10,000 neighborhoods across Texas and Florida.

OneNeighbor, the Frisco, Texas-based technology platform that brings group buying power to neighborhoods, has released a mobile app version of their web platform. Homeowners can now download the app, join their neighborhood and sign up for lawn mowing and other services.

“Today, people are used to the convenience of doing everything on their mobile devices, from ordering food to purchasing services for their home,” says OneNeighbor CEO Matt Clark. “With technology becoming the norm for even very traditional industries like lawn care, we felt like this was the right next step for our platform. We service customers in more than 10,000 neighborhoods and are expanding to new cities and neighborhoods each month. Homeowners are saving a lot of money on our platform and are able to manage all of their services and providers in one place.”

Through the app, which can still be accessed by desktop on the website, homeowners have access to an array of pre-negotiated pricing for home services such as lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, house cleaning and pet waste removal. Payment is accepted within the app and is due after the services are rendered. The app is free to download in the Apple App Store and the Android Market, and there is no fee to join your neighborhood group.

“Gone are the days when having your lawn mowed involved scouring neighboring yards for lawn crews, calling around for pricing, working out a time to get on a schedule, negotiating, and paying in check or cash left under your doormat,” says Daniel MacKinnon, OneNeighbor co-founder and chief revenue officer.

OneNeighbor partners with local service providers who use OneNeighbor’s app to manage and grow their businesses. The company performs background checks on all partner vendors, ensures that they meet insurance requirements and monitors each job closely to ensure that they exceed their high-quality standards.

OneNeighbor, which initially launched its savings platform to 900 neighborhoods in early 2020, has experienced rapid growth and now services over 10,000 neighborhoods across Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Texas, and Tampa, Florida. OneNeighbor plans to continue rolling out new services and expanding to new markets.