March 1 2021 08:31 AM

A total of $364,000 in grants for research will be awarded this year.

The Horticultural Research Institute, Columbus, Ohio, the foundation of AmericanHort, provided the portfolio of research projects to be funded in 2021. Projects range from innovations to crop production for both greenhouse and nursery segments, emergent consumer research, pollinator research, and plant disease projects. A total of $364,000 will be awarded this year.

“Investing in diverse, high-quality research is our mission,” says Jennifer Gray, HRI administrator. “The 2021 projects selected from a competitive batch of grant applications represent all facets of the industry and touch each of HRI’s four strategic research priorities.”

The Horticultural Research Institute’s mission is to direct, fund, promote and communicate horticulture research.

Some of the research to receive grants include the following:

  • A practical method for rapidly assessing pollinator attraction to plant cultivars, H. Patch, Penn State University
  • Controlling flowering of summer-fall garden mums with strategic LED lighting, Q. Meng, University of Delaware
  • Removal of paclobutrazol from captured irrigation runoff using slow sand filters, L. Oki, UC Davis
  • Developing native plants for sustainable green industry production, Y. Sun, Utah State

HRI, founded in 1962, has provided more than $8 million in funds to research projects covering a broad range of production, environmental and business issues important to the green industry. Nearly $11 million is committed to the endowment by individuals, corporations and associations.