March 8 2021 09:20 AM

The irrigation category is one of three acknowledging incredible projects done by green industry professionals.

Fairfax, Virginia-based Irrigation & Green Industry’s new Changing the Landscape Awards bring amazing irrigation projects to center stage with a chance to be featured with an in-depth article. Irrigation is one of three categories that contractors can submit their work under, including:

Green industry professionals should submit projects that took on difficult obstacles or produced outstanding results for clients. Each chosen winner will be recognized with an in-depth feature article in an upcoming issue of Irrigation & Green Industry.

“Recognizing the hard work of landscape and irrigation professionals has always been a driving force behind our features,” says Kyle Brown, Irrigation & Green Industry editor-in-chief. “Our new Changing the Landscape Awards give us another opportunity to show off some of the best projects completed in the past few years to raise winners’ profiles and inspire future work.”

Any projects within the three above categories that were completed or had follow-up work done in 2019 or 2020 are eligible for entry. Submitted projects will be judged and winners will be selected by the IGIN Editorial Committee. Entrants will need to include information about the scope of the project and what made the work stand out as one of their best projects in the past two years. They will also need to provide high-resolution images of the project’s finished stage. Entries must be received by March 29. Contractors may submit multiple projects, but each project can only be submitted to a single category.