March 8 2021 09:26 AM

More than 180 Mosquito Hero addendums have been signed by Weed Man franchisees.

Toronto-based lawn care franchise Weed Man turned its latest expanded service offering into its very own sub-brand. Mosquito Hero, powered by Weed Man, is now available to provide mosquito control services to families across the United States and Canada.

As its own sub-brand, Mosquito Hero will continue to provide its same mosquito control services. The launch is intended to create greater exposure for the service to result in more brand awareness and consumer credibility.

“When we first introduced our mosquito control service last year, it was met with some confusion from the target customer,” says Jennifer Lemcke, CEO of Weed Man. “Our goal with Mosquito Hero was to create a separate brand name for this incredible service to give it the spotlight it deserves, while also furthering our mission of helping homeowners enjoy their yards.”

Weed Man franchisees were a major focus, as it concerned launching Mosquito Hero as its own sub-brand. Mosquito Hero is powered by Weed Man, and as a result, the sub-brand cannot be purchased on its own. This creates an additional recurring revenue stream for current owners while allowing the emerging sub-brand to grow alongside its experienced parent company.

“Our franchisees are our greatest asset, and our focus was always on how we could enrich that relationship even more with a value add,” says Lemcke. “The franchisees have an opportunity to cross-market to their existing customer base who already trust Weed Man professionals to service their home needs.”

As a result, more than 180 Mosquito Hero addendums have been signed by Weed Man franchisees representing over 560 territories.