March 15 2021 11:44 AM

Company named a Best Practice Award winner by DecisionWise.

Phoenix-based Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply was recognized by DecisionWise, a U.S.-based employee engagement firm, as a top-performing organization through its 2021 Employee Engagement Best Practice Awards. Ewing is one of four organizations that received the award based on a review of over 10 million survey responses in the DecisionWise international employee engagement survey benchmark database.

“We are grateful to receive this recognition,” says said JR Richards, Ewing executive vice president of talent resources. “At Ewing we are obsessed with delivering our family of teammates an engaging environment. We do not only measure the levels of engagement, but we actively make improving teammate engagement a strategic priority. It’s fulfilling to be recognized as a top performer when it comes to organizational engagement. Thank you, DecisionWise, for the honor and thank you to all our fantastic teammates for making Ewing an awesome organization to be a part of.”

Results were analyzed by measuring the number of fully engaged, key contributing employees, the number of opportunity groups and the number of disengaged employees in each organization using a set of employee engagement anchor questions. Those organizations with the most fully engaged and key contributor employees were eligible to receive the award. Final winners were confirmed by evaluating the overall culture of the organization as well as best practices and company initiatives that contributed to the scores.

DecisionWise recognizes Ewing because it exemplifies best practices in employee engagement, both through its annual employee engagement results and through its actions to create an engaged workplace.

“These awards help remind our team that what we do matters, and it is certainly a privilege to help organizations improve their experiences,” says Matthew Wride, president of DecisionWise. “However, while we get to play a small role in the journey, the lion’s share of the credit goes to Ewing for its hard work and commitment. We are honored that Ewing trusts us to serve them.”