April 12 2021 07:23 AM

The milestone machine is located at N.G. Heimos Greenhouses in Illinois.

Team members from HydraFiber and AgriNomix present a certificate to N.G. Heimos in recognition of the 100th installation of HydraFiber Processing Equipment.

Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based HydraFiber, in partnership with AgriNomix, a supplier of greenhouse automation solutions, is celebrating the 100th installation of HydraFiber processing equipment. The company’s installations span across North America and abroad, serving growers of all sizes.

The 100th machine is located at N.G. Heimos Greenhouses in Millstadt, Illinois, a Top 100-ranked operation with more than 2 million square feet of greenhouse production.

“We are excited to get the talented team at N.G. Heimos up and running with HydraFiber,” says Jennifer Neujahr, director of business development. “But this milestone is also a celebration of every operation that has made the transition to HydraFiber and showed others that they can grow better plants and better margins, too.”

“After trialing, we saw firsthand that HydraFiber is an effective product that not only reduces risk because it’s made in the US, but it also improves operational efficiencies and lowers production costs,” says Amy Morris at N.G. Heimos. “It has been a lifesaver for us this year because of the scarcity of raw materials. We’ve been able to dial up our rate of HydraFiber to replace other materials that were unavailable, allowing us to keep our production running when we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to due to lack of other raw materials used in our soil blends.”

HydraFiber products are developed and marketed by the horticultural business of Profile Products, a global provider of soil and water management solutions.