April 19 2021 07:55 AM

Bobcat adopts Cogniac’s AI machine vision platform to enhance the manufacturing kitting process.

Doosan Bobcat North American, West Fargo, North Dakota, has partnered with Cogniac Corporation, San Jose, California, a provider of enterprise-class artificial intelligence image and video analysis. Bobcat is implementing Cogniac’s proprietary visual data processing platform within the manufacturing warehouse kitting inspection process. This move will increase operational efficiencies, boost productivity and reduce material handling times.

The partnership currently serves the Bobcat operations and warehouse in Otsego, Minnesota.

“We’re excited about this partnership as it demonstrates the efficacy of the Cogniac systems,” says Chuck Myers, CEO of Cogniac. “Our technology is designed to be additive to the manufacturing processes, offering companies the ability to increase the safety and standards of their products. Bobcat was a great choice for a partnership because they are pushing to innovate and adopt technology as a core pillar of their growth strategy.”

Cogniac’s Visual Operations Intelligence Platform offers customers the ability to process, in real time, large amounts of visual data collected for inspection, flagging them to a human operator for review. The system also allows for more strategic distribution of employees to projects requiring the human touch which maximizes workforce productivity.

Bobcat leverages visual data in their warehouse to inspect bulk materials and parts for any potential inconsistencies to create precise kits to be used for downstream manufacturing processes.

“Given our long history of innovation and focus on technology at Bobcat, the Cogniac system provides significant benefits for us, leading to higher efficiencies and optimized quality control in our processes,” says Russ Honeyman, vice president of quality management at Doosan Bobcat North America.