May 3 2021 08:38 AM

The tool uses high pressure air to dig trenches, remove compacted soils and locate utilities.

Arborjet Inc., Woburn, Massachusetts, is expanding its offering of tools for arborists, landscapers and utilities with the acquisition of Supersonic Air Knife.

Thomas Hursen founded Supersonic Air Knife over 25 years ago and obtained numerous patents on the technology.

“It is with great confidence that we have now officially transferred all assets to Aborjet, Inc. who we are confident will continue to create and expand the SAK tools with the same high quality and attention to detail that our customers have come to expect,” says Hursen. “We are thankful to pass on our Supersonic Air Knife legacy to a company with such a strong reputation of innovation and environmental stewardship.”

“We could not be happier with the addition of the Supersonic Air Knife to our line of tools,” says Russ Davis, president and CEO of Arborjet. “Tom Hursen has been a great caretaker of this technology and we hope to build on his work, continuing to innovate and expand the offering.”

The Supersonic Air Knife uses high pressure air and Mach 1.7 air speed to dig trenches, remove compacted soils and locate utilities. The product is also used in rescues where soils may have collapsed and the use of construction equipment may cause injury.

Arborjet will begin shipping product from its Woburn facility.